Damnatio Memoriae

Don’t expect a memory, keep waiting but it will not come
Won’t go down in history, you’re clearly not the chosen one
And all the world won’t love you if they never know your name
If you never play the game, if you never make the grade
And all the world won’t hate you if you never drop the ball
But that isn’t how the story goes at all
At all

Maybe you were in the race, and went as far as you could go
Or maybe you were second rate, and couldn’t make another show
Now all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
They couldn’t put you back, they couldn’t pull you in
Shattered into pieces now your luck is at an end
Yeah this is how the story goes, my friend
My friend

(You just can’t win)
So you point the finger, pass the blame
You’re either going for broke or just going insane
You hide from the world, you’re living in shame, so come on
You wanna get in, you gotta get out, come down
You wanna look in, you gotta look out, look around
Can you see it
Or are you blinded by the show
Can you hear it
The screaming highs, the demon lows
Can you feel it, disappearing

No one finds eternity, the greatest kingdoms ever fall
And if you’re going gracefully, be thankful you were here at all
Cause nothing lasts forever, not the sea the earth or sky
There is no reason why, you’re here until you die
And everything is fleeting so no matter what you try
Can’t fight against the natural flow, you know
You know

So raise a toast up
To everyone who ever cared
Who put up a fight until the bitter end
It’s not whether you fall, but whether you dared
And you dared just a little longer
You came so far, you got so close
It didn’t work out but that’s nobody’s fault
Our names will fade from history
It’ll happen to you and it’ll happen to me
When everything and everyone
And all the things we’ve ever done
Go up in flames, into remains and burn
Now don’t despair
Cause mountains crumble into dust
Riches fade and turn to rust
Time will have its way with us
When all the lights go down together