Everything’s Tic-Toc

Curse the DarknessDon’t wanna be here till the end of time
Or the rest of my life
No one can tell me if it’s wrong or right
That’s for me to decide
If you won’t believe the truth believe the lie
That it’s best to get by
Don’t wanna know the answer

Nobody’s got a right to run you down
Nobody’s ever gonna understand the reason why

Are you listening?
Are you listening?

You’re gonna sacrifice and do the time
For the rest of your life
No way to compromise or justify
If you know that it’s right
Don’t wanna be the one you crucify
I can leave it behind
No way to meet your maker

Don’t waste a minute holding it inside
Don’t hang a limit ticking in your heart and at your pride

Are you listening?
Are you listening?

Nobody’s gonna help to see you through
Nobody wants to be the one to tell it to you
You’re gonna have to get inside the truth
No going out with everybody crying over you

Are you listening?
Are you listening?

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